The Kingdom Business Network Young Leaders Forum

The Young Leaders Forum (YLF) is envisioned as the launchpad to truly pervasive economic participation for young entrepreneurs; an immersive and transformational experience predicated on the belief that young entrepreneurs should be considered as no less than powerful agents of change,and not passive recipients of government or charitable services.

The successful advancement of an African entrepreneurial agenda absolutely requires a guaranteed supply of unquestionably competent, highly skilled young people with an impressive repository of specialized knowledge to draw from at every challenge or opportunity. Furthermore, these entrepreneurs need to understand how critical it will be for our 21st century economic success that we do not just prepare young people to take jobs, but to create jobs.

These young entrepreneurs are the change makers and the global shapers at the forefront of the African Industrial Revolution, and they possess the right combination of internal motivation and self-confidence, significant skill set, and access to the relevant potential market opportunities to catapult their economic potential, and that of society at large, to stratospheric heights.

The YLF recognizes that the extent to which these attributes are present in its members will greatly determine the strides or progress our nation will make in achieving the mandates set forth in leading entrepreneurial development platforms, such as within the World Economic Forum, in progressing a truly inclusive and future- focused programme for young African entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to create in our members:

active champions of their own development, supported by a highly effective, cutting- edge programme

• defenders of African economic emancipation, through focused education programmes, skills and resource development, correcting behavioural changes, and instilling a sense of solidarity and love of self

• a culture of sustainable entrepreneurship through mentorship and continuous accessible guidance, which is at the core of our programme strategy

The YLF undertakes to provide superlative resources and facilities, as well as a platform for continuous research with an emphasis on innovation as an integral component of the learning experience. A key deliverable is the increasing of networking and clustering among entrepreneurs. Through our entrepreneur- centred learning approach, we aim to develop a conscious belief in other youth in the
community within our entrepreneurs, thus inculcating a pay- it- forward mentality.

Ultimately, we will create an entrepreneurship strategy that:

• provides an optimised regulatory and developmental environment

• improves access to finance and facilitates exposure to exclusive and life- changing
opportunities and personalities

• promotes holistic entrepreneurial and psycho- social awareness and global networking

Entrepreneurial vigour, imagination, ideals and vitality are a must, as these are imperative to the development and application of organisational skills, time management, leadership development and interpersonal skills

We can’t wait to grow the economy and create jobs!

We will break down barriers to innovation and entrepreneurship by supporting the success of highgrowth businesses within our consortium through our rigorous, relevant and engaging programme, and fertilise the seed for our entrepreneurs’ future economic growth and global competitiveness